Sunday, November 16, 2008

Excerpts from my Weekly Horoscope

“Think twice about making off-the-cuff remarks that sound funny in your head but can wound a person's sensitive feelings.”

Note to Astrologers: I have this problem every day of my life. You are just now attempting to bring this to my attention?

Yes, I shall be on the look out this week for my brilliantly hilarious biting commentary to offend someone. Sure, I will stand a diligent watch over every thought that dances across my cerebral plain however, I cannot be held responsible when an errant thought escapes and wounds the feelings of the delicate flowers around me.

Especially if it is wicked funny.

I do have a responsibility to amuse myself and occasionally it must be done at the expense of others.

On second thought this advice is totally wasted on me. Great job "Astrologers"

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