Monday, November 3, 2008

Agents Rock

(Please note this post is NOT sarcastic. I'm actually being genuine here)

The road to getting published is a long and bumpy one. It's a complicated process that comes across as completely counter intuitive. It's confusing, tricky and frankly, hard.

When you finish the book thats when the hard stuff starts.

I've been submitting to agents all over this great nation. I want desperately to hit reply on so many rejections. Why? Not to blast them for rejecting my work but to tell them how kind and amazing their rejection letters are.


You should read some of them. They are so encouraging that it makes me want to cry. It also touches me so much when you can tell that the letter is not a "form rejection" (though some of those are great too). For an agent to take a minute out of their insane day to write a personalized rejection it makes me feel like my book has something but its really isn't right for them.

So. thank you agents. You guys are so overworked and so pressed for time and when you take a minute to make sure that your rejection letter is encouraging and nice it makes a big difference to the writer.

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