Thursday, October 30, 2008

Riddle of the Day

How many police officers do you think are needed for arresting a grocery store shoplifter.

If you said any number more than 1 than you don’t live in my town.



4 cops were needed to “take down” a guy shoplifting at the local Stop and Shop.

Is there really nothing else going on in town? How bored are the cops?

Sure its great to live in a town where the cops aren’t busy fighting crackheads and hookers. But aren’t there some high school kids they could be hassling? Why are 4 cops needed at a grocery store shoplift. It’s not like the guy pushed out a whole aisle.

The best part was overhearing the conversation between one officer and the shoplifter

"Sir. SIR. You walked out of the store with items. No, Sir we don't believe you forgot to pay. Sir, you can't do that."

This snippet made me laugh so hard. Of course the 4 cops bearing down on him made me laugh harder.

Just me?

Good enough.

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