Monday, October 27, 2008

I Apologize to Members of Local 235...Unless It Is the Gay Local

There is some context in this conversation with my fella but I’m too lazy to add it in. So just suck it up:

Fella: I was running around naked today at work

Me: Phst..I doubt it. The guys would have been all “put on some pants, jackass!”

Fella: Not if they were gay

Me: That’s true

Fella: I don’t think I work with any gay guys though

Me: You never know. That guy in the Village People was a construction worker

Fella: He wasn’t a real construction worker

Me: How do you know? Won’t you be surprised when he’s working the next job you’re on.

Fella: Not going to happen. He’s got to be like 65 – he would retired by now. But he wasn’t really one.

Me: Again, how do you know? What if he belonged to some random local…..Local 235.

Fella: Local 235?

Me: Yes. It’s obviously the gay construction worker union.


Me: What? They can’t have their own union?


Me: Homophobe.

(please note that this conversation made me laugh so hard I almost peed myself. Fella laughed too but more so at how hard I was laughing not because of my comedic genius that he refuses to recognize)
Later On…..

Again there is context that would help…but lazy

Fella: I don’t wear the black underwear to work because guys will hit on me.

Me: This is something you consider in underwear choices.

Fella: I don’t want guys distracted on the job

Me: Why the hell would anyone know the difference?

Fella: I already told you, I run around naked on the job.

Me: Maybe you should join Local 235.

(Again my own humor made me laugh myself into a seizure. Again fella was more laughing at me than with me.)

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