Wednesday, November 26, 2008

WTF Is This Hot Mess?




And what is up with the reviews? I mean, seriously?:

“Just had to try them once I saw them. They are easy to apply and last a LONG time. I only use the camo and leopard (haven't tried the zebra-looks a lil bit cheezy on box)”

[Um? Reviewer? They ALL look cheesy on the box.]

“Main reason was the leopard print. I love it and it's tricky to make it look professional, but once you blend it well it looks fantastic!”

[Tricky to make it look professional? Uh, no shit. Unless you work on the corner none of this mess is professional]

“i've heard the ColorOn eyeshadow appliques being talked up, but they are not as good as everyone says. It takes a LONG time to get them on so that they look half decent and for many women with busy lives like me, we just don't have time. Plus, don't you think they look a little weird?”

[The voice of reason.]

If any of you are interested in this $25 Sephora item find it here

Also just in time for the holidays you can get ColorOns in hooker blue decorated with snowflakes

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