Monday, January 12, 2009

Sometimes I Get My Panties in an Uproar


The “stylist” from Confessions of a Teen Idol looks HORRIBLE.

She is trashing these guys down and she looks like she rummaged her blouse out of the bargain bin at RAVE from 1993 and she is telling people they look “early 2000.”


Note to “Jen the Stylist”: Layered necklaces? OVER. Ruffled, sheer blouses? OVER.

And Jen? Your makeup looks late 1990’s.

Stop with the cunt face and shut it.

PS I’m not mad at Jen for trashing the guys on the shows. I’m mostly mad at her for trashing people for looking bad when she looks TERRIBLE.

PPS I mean seriously, that green ruffled blouse she is wearing I swear I remember digging on that back in 1995 at NY & Company.

PPPS What “celebrities” does she dress? Because I seriously wouldn’t let this bitch dress my dog.

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