Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pistol Whipping Baked Goods

My BFF is a elementary school teacher and is becoming increasingly frustrated with children. That's all you really need to know here

BFF: I'm so tired of kids

Me: You are in the wrong profession. Can you just like, lock them in the closet or something?

BFF: I think that might be considered illegal. Would you visit me in prison?

Me: I'd bake you a cake with a shank in it. They still let you do that, right?

BFF: You would have to do it like they used to do in Duck Tales, where its obviously something else and the handle is sticking out.

Me: Oh that would so rock. They'd be all "what's with the cake?" and I'd be all "what are you talking about! This was the CAKE PAN SHAPE." Then the guards would feel all embarrassed and not even pat me down, which would be a mistake on their part - because I'd have a gun. Then I'd pull it out and pistol whip the guards and break you out.

BFF: They don't know the power of Jane. All breaking people out of prison and crap.

Me: It's just because I'm such a good friend.

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Leon Basin said...

Hey, how are you doing? Would love to speak to you sometime.