Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My friends? Not so Good with the "Practical" Advice

What lies before is the transcript of an actual conversation between myself and my best friend. The context? I was pissing and moaning about looking for a job and she was offering up helpful suggestions:

BFF: Hubby says you need a sugar daddy

Me: Ha! That would be awesome as long as he wasn’t disgusting…wait, why can’t I find a nice, hot, rich guy who is willing to support me in every way?

BFF: Hmmm…take out an ad!

Me: “Lazy girl seeks a man to support her. No weirdos or fatties need apply – just hot, hot, hot men with lots of cash”

BFF: I like it!

Me: I think it should work Wait, I should probably add “no anal”

BFF: Hmm that might be a bit much

Me: No you have to be specific. If I’m not just any fat, sweaty, loaded weirdo looking for anal could come rolling in and no one wants that.

BFF: What if he is a rich, good looking hottie looking for anal? You have to give a little

Me: I don’t know. It would depend on his portfolio.

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