Tuesday, January 13, 2009

House: Proving All Doctors Are Incomptent

I’m going to be brave and just come out and say it.

Every single episode of “House” is exactly the same.


I’ve done what all of you were too afraid to do. That’s right bitches I’m calling out House.

Here is how it goes:

Symptoms present

House and his team meet –they come up with a diagnosis

Someone on the team (House or another member) argues against the majority rule

They break into the patients house (Why can’t they just ask for approval to check it out? Why is it always a B & E?)

They were wrong about their initial diagnosis

The team and House come up with three or four other things that it could be and just treat the shit out of the patient, which of course backfires

The above leads to near death or some sort of surgery that shows them just how wrong they have been all along about what’s wrong

House randomly solves the medical puzzle and the person is totally fine

End of Show.

BAM. That’s it.

Oh and there is always a fight between House and Cuddy.

Why yes, I did just watch a House marathon – why do you ask?

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