Sunday, January 11, 2009

Is Plan B Promoting Promiscuity AND Abortions?

Now, before the hate emails start pouring in let me just say I’m all for Plan B.
But the commercial? WTF?

So perplexed.

It shows the girls walking up alone – which hi what kind of low rent boyfriend leaves after the condom breaks? Maybe after getting that Plan B you should evaluate the state of your relationship honey. Maybe while swallowing that pill you should be asking yourself “if my boyfriend really loved me would he have bolted the second the condom broke? Would he have run out the door whilst putting on his pants while I sobbed hysterically rocking back and forth?”

FYI – The answer is if you’re boyfriend cared at all he wouldn’t also be banging your best friend.

But I digress.

After presumably taking Plan B they show the girls go about with their lives. One is getting take out and chatting on her phone, another is painting her toe nails and the blonde girl is shopping for books with her boyfriend.

So? Are we to assume that the other girls are just total promiscuous whores who narrowly escaped getting knocked up by the guy that bought them an appletini and a blow job shot?

Because I’m pretty sure that’s what that commercial is saying.

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