Wednesday, December 17, 2008

S-T-O-P For Me

Dear "Bod Man" Fragrances,

Please stop.


Cease and desist.

I'm guessing your current excessive commerical run has something to do with the holidays and pushing that all important "guido girlfriend market" but please stop.

No one wants your bod. No one.

Your "male fragrance" smells like the creepy old guy at the club. No one wants to smell like that guy and no nubile, young thing wants that.

So, in conclusion, get the hell off my tv and stop showing 45 commercials during one single episode of Family Guy.



PS Axe body spray - you're on notice

PPS How much does it say about me that by watching Family Guy I'm in the AXE and Bod Spray demographic?

PPPS Has anyone ever met an actual man who purchased Bod spray or actually wore it? Just curious. It just seems like one of those products that no one buys, yet they continue to advertise. Like Bod spray is some plucky company with an endless supply of cash. Like some guy just had a dream to make a particualrly heinous body spray for men and won't let go of the dream.

PPPPS I totally stole this format from Jenny

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