Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Get Drunk Russian Style!

In order to assist you all with the frivolity of the evening ahead, I have decided to share with you an extra special're welcome.

Now what makes this drink so special, you may be asking yourself? Why its economical of course! With big, horrible, scary economic news looming around every corner you really, really need to get drunk. But, you need to get drunk on the cheap. Welcome to the after-one-sip-Hi!-I'm-drunk drink.

Items Required:

Reasonably sized glass or champagne flute

Fill half the glass with vodka and top the rest off with champagne.

This drink doesn't necessarily have a name - but what about Ivan Drago since it will knock you on your ass! (score! Rocky IV reference!)

Enjoy getting wasted on one cocktail!

Impress your friends and fellow party-goers with your smart and economically savvy type of being wasted.

Happy New Year's!!

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