Friday, July 18, 2008

I Want to be Jen Lancaster

Okay. So I might be slightly obsessed. I have voraciously read every memoir by Jen Lancaster and I can’t get enough. She is the funny, smart ass friend that everyone wants. I desperately want to sit down with her, drink martinis and be snarky. I will happily sport her trademark pink and green and pearls if it meant being able to have her attention for 10 minutes (however, I can’t wear the Crocs. Sorry Jen, I just can’t).

My biggest dream would be getting her to read my memoir and provide a quote for my book jacket. I think I could die unbelievably happy if that happened.

I’m in awe of her. I relate so much to the experiences that she has had and am able to find a piece of myself in each of her books (can we talk about how I too, sported a Prada bag to the unemployment office. Granted mine was a knockoff but a REALLY good knockoff).

I can only hope that my writing is as funny. Jen Lancaster and Chelsea Handler are the only two writers that have made me laugh out loud and practically pee my pants. I can only hope that one day people will place me in that same category.

Suck it Jesus, Jen Lancaster is my God now.

If you haven’t read any of her books check them out and keep a dry pair of pants around because you will laugh til you pee.

Bitter is the New Black

Bright Lights, Big Ass

Such a Pretty Fat

Her website is :

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