Friday, July 25, 2008

Getting Real, Y'All

So, I’m writing this book all about my crazy ass time at the matchmaking agency. I gave the book to some people whose opinions I trusted and respected. One of my amazing friends suggested that I work on character development. I said okay but, didn’t really understand what she was talking about. Then verses hit me. Sentences came pouring into my mind first thing in the morning. I began to see what she meant. I never got real with myself while writing the book. I was protecting myself. I was afraid to look bad, stupid or foolish but I realized that this experience was all things bad, stupid and foolish. How could I leave that out?

It’s hard to admit when you’ve made mistakes and it’s even harder to do so in print especially, when you plan on having people purchase your book. My amazing friend did point out that people will see me as a character. I guess that’s better. Wish me luck as I dive down into the dregs.

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